Below are the terms of use and how they shall be applied to the works contracted to Assignmentgo.com. These terms and conditions, along with the documents herein referred, outline the terms in which one may utilize the Site. Use of the Site, shall include accessing, browsing and placement of orders, review of submitted content and approval of the final content on the Site.

We kindly advise our clients to read these terms and conditions carefully as they contain vital and pertinent information about Users' rights and obligations when using the Site.

We would also advise our clients to pay closer attention to the subsequent clauses, particularly;

(1). Clause 8 (Use of the Site; Termination and Suspension of Use

(2). Clause 9 (Use of Products)

(3). Clause 10 (Plagiarism) and

(4). Clause 13 (Disclaimer of Liability).


We further advise our clients to either print out these terms and conditions or download them to their emails or computers, for future reference.

1.2 Other documents to refer to when reading the terms and conditions.

These terms of use also include:

(a) Site Description and About Us.

(b) The Privacy Policy.

I(c) The FAQ page containing further detailed information about our services; (d)Guarantees which outlines in greater detail our commitment to our clients and the policy on revisions.

These terms of use and the documents referred to at (I) – (IV), above are collectively referred to as “these Terms".

The terms of use listed above and the documents referred to in (a) to (d) above are a a must read for all clients, and as so they are so obliged, before using the site, sourcing any orders as indicated in clause 4(a) and/ or remitting any payments to Assignmentgo.com

1.3 Consequent Outcomes of Accessing and Use.

Access and use, including placement of orders, review of instructions and revisions and remittance of payments for materials produced for orders as indicated in 1.2 (above), makes the client legally bound to the Terms and Conditions as amended by Assignmentgo.com periodically.

If a prospective client shall not agree to these Terms, they will be denied access to Assignmentgo.com

1.4 Changes to Terms and Conditions.

Assignmentgo.com advises clients to periodically review these Terms and Conditions as these said changes will be immediately reflected on this page once made.

2. About Us.

Any reference on the site to ("company", "we", "us" and "our") shall be referring to Assignmentgo.com

Any reference on the site to ("you" or "your") shall ve referring to the clients of Assignmentgo.com

3. About Site and Use of Site.

"About Our Site" offers description on how Assignmentgo.com works.

Assignmentgo.com reserves the right, without prior notification to the clients, to affect changes to the layout of the site by reducing or increasing features and services offered by Assignmentgo.com

To gain access, place orders, remit payments and be allowed to use any materials from Assignmentgo.com the client must have attained the age that allows them to legally enter into a legally binding contract in the country of their residence.

4. Registration, Placing, Reviewing an Order.

Registration is required prior to accessing any services provided by Assignmentgo.com.

Assignmentgo.com will require information as indicated in the "Standard Online Registration" form as listed below:

(a). Personal Information (name, email address, phone number, preferred payment method and payment information and country of residence).

Aside from clients email addresses that cannot be changed, that are their User IDs, clients are advised to update their "Registration" information by tapping the "Update Profile" tab if their information changes.

When placing an order Assignmentgo.com will require the client to provide certain information on the "Standard Online Order" form to provide scope and perspective and general guidelines for an essay, paper and/or written material that us to be delivered to the client i.e. level of education of the required content, information on type of paper, citation style, subject/discipline, general information on service required and any other pertinent information.

Clients can also preview orders that they have placed with Assignmentgo.com on the site.

5. Use and Security of Personal Information.

For further information on how we regard, collect, store and use Registration Information and Method of Payment details, refer to essayjoint's "Privacy Policy".

6. Account Information Security.

During registration, personal information will be submitted by the client. The clients' names and/ or email addresses used as their usernames and the clients will be required to set a logon password.

Clients will be required to secure the information and not share it with anyone else. Clients are responsible for any and all their activities on their accounts and if they suspect any breaches of their accounts we advise them to change their passwords.

In remote cases where Assignmentgo.com deems a client's account to have been breached, we reserve the right to change the password to that particular account and communicate said changes to the client via the email provided at registration.

If the client has forgotten their password they can reset it by clicking on the prompt that appears below the "enter password" field or by clicking "here".

7. Payments and Discounts.

Placement of an order at Assignmentgo.com automatically means that the client is making a purchase from Assignmentgo.com. As such all material shall only be made available upon completion of payment for the material.

Charges for the orders are outlined in the "Pricing" section of Assignmentgo.com and Assignmentgo.com is not obligated to provide any and all material until the payment is completed.

Further information on bonuses and discounts is provided in the "FAQs"

8. Use of Services, Termination and Suspension of Services.

a. The content developed by Assignmentgo.com is solely for personal use and not for commercial re-production.

b. Developed content shall in no way be used for illegal purposes i.e.

1. Defamation, abusive, inflammatory, harassing, or other objectionable literal manners that breach any laws).

2. Infringing on another clients use of Assignmentgo.com.

3. Electronic dissemination of materials that enjoy protection by Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

4 Dissemination of materials that provoke conduct that may be deemed to go against any laws, regulations, acts or codes of practice.

9. Use of Content

Placement of an order with Assignmentgo.com automatically infers that the client acknowledges the following:

a. The content being purchased is for personal, non-commercial consumption/ use.

b. Whole or partial use and re-production of portions of the purchased content must be followed with proper citations and credits.

c. The content produced is done to serve as samples of the ideal and proper ways to write papers, essays, and other forms of academic material and citation styles i.e. APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian and MLA.

d. Content is sourced and acquired from freelance writers who cede and transfer all rights of ownership of the content to Assignmentgo.com and the companies affiliated to us.

e. Payments made by the clients to Assignmentgo.com are intended to be adequate consideration for the time and effort that goes into gathering, organizing, collation, reviewing, revision, editing, posting, and delivering the work. These payments also go into offsetting the costs of maintenance, administration, and advertising of Assignmentgo.com.

f. The client is only allowed to produce a few reasonable copies for personal use. Mass reproduction for distribution, modification into derivative works, display and transmission of purchased content is expressly and explicitly prohibited if consent is not sought from and granted by Assignmentgo.com.

g. The client shall destroy all the purchased content upon finishing his referencing of it. Copies of the purchased content shall not be made and/or distributed and any part or the whole content.

10. Plagiarism.

Placement of orders with Assignmentgo.com directly infers that the client acknowledges:

a. Assignmentgo.com shall be within its rights to revoke any agreement or contractual agreement with any client that intends to pass the products sourced from Assignmentgo.com as their own. The client shall also not pass any produced materials for any purposes financial or other reasons.

b. If Assignmentgo.com for whatever reason suspects and proves that any product purchased from us has been distributed to third parties or plagiarized in any form or way, Assignmentgo.com shall refrain from working with the client in future.

c. The clients may append their names to any product produced by Assignmentgo.com as all the products produced by us are for reference purposes only and if that is done it will amount to plagiarism and academic dishonesty that Assignmentgo.com doesn't condone and/or knowingly take part in Assignmentgo.com is a keen adherent to copyright laws and shall not allow intentional plagiarism and copyright infringement to be associated with us or any of the works we produce.

d. Entire parts of materials sourced from Assignmentgo.com can be used in the client's work if they are only properly cited and paraphrased and in line with the clients' learning institution's definition and recommended use of appropriate use of source materials.

e. Assignmentgo.com, its affiliates and/or partners shall not be liable for any illegal, unethical, inappropriate, wrongful use and misuse of written products or any other materials sourced from Assignmentgo.com.

@Assignmentgo.com shall refuse to bear the brunt in the event that the use of our products results in any of the following:

(a). Expulsions, suspensions or academic probations.

(b). Loss of scholarships, grants, awards, tenure, prizes and positions/titles.

(c). Poor grades, as the products have been thoroughly researched and can only have been watered down when the client had to produce a document using our research.

(d). Lawsuits.


Assignmentgo.com would like to pay extra emphasis on the fact that documents, written materials, content and products sourced from us are developed with sole intention of serving only as educational aids for research and the general purpose of affording the client general scope and guidelines for their own work and shall not be constituted in the clients' papers without adequate paraphrasing and/or citations.

Assignmentgo.com aims to produce content that will inspire the client or be used as a model for the client to base their own paper off of.

11. Refunds and Cancellations.

Only in cases where Assignmentgo.com breaches the Terms listed above, all our products and services are non-refundable and don’t carry any warranties.

Upon placement of an order, any cancellations or refunds that may arise are subject to our "Guarantees" and "FAQs" sections outlined on this site.

When an order on a product is completed, under any circumstances Assignmentgo.com shall not grant any refunds unless otherwise specified in these Terms.

12. Intellectual Property Rights.

12.1. In the Products.

The products that Assignmentgo.com delivers to the clients has been sorted from an assortment of freelance writers and content creators and Assignmentgo.com retains full copyright and intellectual property rights to the materials and content forwarded to the clients.

Subsequent to completion of payment the client gets nonexclusive rights to the product along with the product which only allows personal, non-commercial, use of the product. Any other use in the way of distribution, exhibition, publishing, electronic dissemination, modification to creatively alter the product or other forms without express consent is not allowed.

A client will be liable for any and all losses that Assignmentgo.com may suffer, arising from actions of a client that may lead to violations of any and all the conditions above.

12.2 In Materials Forwarded to Assignmentgo.com

Assignmentgo.com expects all clients to ensure that all the materials that they submit to us doesn't infringe on the intellectual rights or any other rights of any person or any other applicable laws and statutes

12.3. In the Assignmentgo.com Website.

Assignmentgo.com reserves wholly all intellectual property rice's owned and licensed to us on all materials on our website. None of these intellectual property rights shall be deemed transferrable to any user or third party unless when explicitly permitted by these Terms or by an agreement between Assignmentgo.com and the client and/or the third party.

In any other scenario I one is permitted to copy, disseminate or download by content from the Assignmentgo.com website.

12.4. Sources and Features.

Clients will not be provided with source materials, articles, journals or e-books in their entirety when receiving the final product purchased from Assignmentgo.com, rather, they will be provided with excerpts that have been properly cited in the product for the clients' own review and referencing purposes.

A further service fee shall be levied for the collection, collation and delivery of source materials, in cases where such materials are available for purchase and review for the clients.

13. Disclaimer of Liability.

Assignmentgo.com is provided as it is currently established and we cannot guarantee that Assignmentgo.com will satisfy all our clients' needs. If a client's computer doesn’t carry current technology they may not be able to enjoy the services offered by Assignmentgo.com.

Assignmentgo.com is accessible via the internet which we have no control over and thus Assignmentgo.com is not liable for any losses incurred by the clients for and while using the internet. This is all subject to all laws and regulations both national and international and thus Assignmentgo.com doesn't purport to insist that our site is legal in any other country other than Kenya.

Assignmentgo.com may periodically contain hyperlinks to other websites and resources owned by third parties that have privacy policies that vary from ours. We advise our clients to read these policies to great detail and take precaution before divulging any personal information on these third party sites as Assignmentgo.com shall not bare any liability for losses incurred by clients due to use and access of said third party websites.

Assignmentgo.com will not be liable for any losses that occur due to modifications made to our website.

Assignmentgo.com will not be liable for any losses that arise from the use of any of our products and services, including and not limited to:

1. Loss, malfunction, damage and difficulties with regards to electronic hardware, software, web applications and anything else.

2. Delivery failures, incomplete transmissions due to computer or email inefficiencies.

3. Disruptions, delay and losses to/of products and services caused by events beyond the control of Assignmentgo.com.

4. Injuries and damages of any other sort that may arise as a result of utilizing any of our products and services.

5. Typographical and printing errors in the final product.

Assignmentgo.com will not bare any liability for clients or third parties that may arise from the use of our website or the inability to use it including and limited to:

1. Unforeseen losses and damages.

2. Events beyond our control.

Nowhere in these Terms do we intend to limit liability for death and/or personal injury that arises from negligent conduct or fraudulent misrepresentation.

Assignmentgo.com doesn't also deem to limit liability for any scenarios exempted by laws and statutes of the land or cases where such liability limitation infringes on the statutory rights of a client or a third party.

14. Miscellaneous.

Under these Terms, the client may not transfer their rights to another person (a third party) but Assignmentgo.com reserves the right to transfer the rights to a third party business where we deem the rights of the client will not be infringed.

If a client breaches these Terms and Assignmentgo.com chooses to ignore the event, Assignmentgo.com still retains the right to rely on its rights and seek remedies at any later date in the any other event of breach of Terms.

15. Notices.

Unless otherwise indicated in these Terms ( and in other cases directly directed by Assignmentgo.com representatives), all notices and notifications from the clients to Assignmentgo.com shall be in written form and addressed to the contacts listed on the website's "Contact Us" page.

16. Governing Laws and Relevant Jurisdiction.

The Terms listed above are governed by Pakistani Laws and Statutes, and the clients and Assignmentgo.com are both to submit to the Pakistani courts' jurisdiction. In the event that a client is accessing our services from a different jurisdiction it is their obligation to submit to the laws of their Land.

17. Contact Details.

For further information about Assignmentgo.com please contact us via the "Contact Us" page given on our website.

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