Below are guidelines on what personal content is collected by upon visiting our website.

Information collected is used to further better the visitors experience, the content and the layout of the website. No commercial gain shall be sort by leveraging the information collected to any third party (except anonymous aggregate information).

Gathered User Information

Gathered information on parties frequenting our website i.e clients, writers and contents developers shall be used only to better the services we provide to our clients and the users of our website. Any other personal information including payment and location information shall not be privy to third parties.

Our website shall only gather information that assists our technicians to better the services that we provide to our users that includes: browser cookies, browser type preference, IP addresses, times and lengths of site access, and operating system types and versions for statistical and development purposes to ease access and customization of web pages and ease of consumption of web content afforded on our website.

Cookies are text files that identify the users’ computers to the server but at no time identify the user himself. will utilize the data and information from the cookies to better and improve the services we offer our clients in the foreseeable future as cookies can be used as an invaluable source of information of trends of a user when on pages of our website. We cannot emphasize enough the fact that however when cookies are turned off in the clients’ browser certain user determined aspects on our website will not be accessible. could at times request certain information from clients at various pages on the website or at various stages in processing the work order request. It is important for the clients to note that this information i.e name, email, contact information or password shall not be privy to any third parties and shall only be used by to ascertain the identity of clients and facilitate communications between the company and the clients when placing and checking up on orders and retrieving complete work orders and requesting revisions or processing refund requests. Any other details provided for polls or other demographic purposes shall be utilized as indicated in the requests for said details or in market research for


Personal details provided by the clients while contacting us upon request by , for any reasons including requesting for revisions, requesting a service and/or general inquiries or frequently asked questions shall be used to provide a response or dispatch developed content. Personal details provided for the above listed purposes or any other reasons that may arise shall however be withheld, not be availed to other third parties or be leveraged for any financial gain by the company, unless the clients disclose the details to other users on our message board interface on the website voluntarily.

Prospective Changes

Inadvertently unforeseen needs to derive utilities from clients’ information not disclosed in the privacy policy might arise. In the event that this happens we will make changes to the privacy policy and inform our clients and all our team members of the changes.

We keenly advise our clients to routinely check this page to refer to this page if they feel like their information, that we have collected, is being misappropriated as we only review the use of said data from the moment that new changes to the privacy policy are effected.

We have, in regard to this, put in place stringent measure to ensure protection against any form of losses, alterations, leakages or misappropriations of any information that we collect from and about or clients.

Web Security

Intensive periodic and routine checks and stress tests are done to ensure the integrity of the system that secures the clients payment and personal information. This information shall remain secured, private and only in the company’s domain. We can’t emphasize enough the need for clients to ensure that they log out of devices that are likely to be used by other individuals, so as to ensure the safety of their accounts.

Disclaimer does not take any responsibility for any other website that posts links on our website. @ doesn’t endorse any links alluding to anything on the greater internet and therefore we are not liable for any losses or claimant to any proceeds that may arise.

Prohibited Disclosures

Information from all parties concerned with this privacy policy both employers and employees are for the sole use and purposed only for the company’s official.

Information accessed on this site shall not be used for any legal matter, unless an official is liable for the matter pursued by the claimant. Said claims for benefits shall be received, reviewed, determined and affected to the claimants at the discretion of the aforementioned official. retains the right to seek legal remedies against clients that have neglected to honour their duty to meet payments.

We reiterate that our clients should refrain from disclosing any and all of their pertinent and personal details to other clients via the chat message boards or any other mediums.

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