At, we take great pride in offering solid guarantees to our clients as enshrined in various segments i.e Terms and conditions, Money Back Guarantee, Plagiarism-Free Guarantee, Revision Policy and the Privacy Policy. We advise all our clients to read these segments, get well acquainted with them and regularly look at them so that the stay updated to any changes that may be effected.

Money Back Guarantee

This particular section allow our clients the privilege to request and receive refunds at any point in the production of their order for any of a number of reasons but all these are far in between seeing that our services are very good and we aim to please and as such our customer satisfaction numbers are very high. In the event though that a refund request is made and it’s based on a quality based issue, our in-house team of specialists will have to review the issue and see if there is any merit to the request and make a decision about it in the shortest time possible. The money back guarantee applies if we are unable to proceed with the given order, or do not have a suitable writer to take on or haven't met the deadline, or cancelled the order for some other reason. But the money back guarantee doesn't apply for entirely quality based issue, if the client is not happy with the quality he/she would be satisfied in the second attempt, if the client is not satisfied after three attempts he/she should get a refund on the following conditions: 1- It will not be a full refund as the administration costs would be deducted which is 20% of the full order. The client will only get a refund after showing us a similar piece of work on the same topic done on his own or by anyone else which would be 80% different from the one disputed, 2-we will also scan the paper provided by the client so we can make sure that it is the genuine work and not submitted to TurnitIn or online earlier. If the conditions are not met by the client the money back guarantee becomes invalid. The piece of work which client has refused to accept would immediately be posted online so the client wouldn't be able to use any content from it in his next submission because of plagiarism.

Revision Policy allow the clients multiple free revisions. In the event that the paper we produce is not up to mark with the requirements and specifications the clients provide us, we can review it up to a few times if the deadline to hand it in on the client’s part has not elapsed yet. We also allow only 14 days to get the work revised with us, after 14 days we do not guarantee free revisions rather a 50% cost of the original order

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy mainly outlines how utilizes the information we collect about our clients when they visit our website for a number of reasons. Our site will mainly use this information to improve and customize content and layout of the web pages. shall not share or rent or sell any information we collect with/to any third party. Our privacy policy also outlines the guidelines for how clients shall use any information that they source from our website. Aside from the email addresses that the customers use as login usernames and cannot be changed after registration, asks the clients to closely guard their personal information they put up on the site.

In case the clients suspect a breach of their accounts they should change their passwords as soon as they notice this. Network administrators on our end will also keep constant vigil on the site for any breaches. In the event that realize any such occurrence on any user accounts they will contact the clients and advise them to make the necessary changes to secure their accounts. READ OUR PRIVACY POLICY HERE

Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

At we take great measures to make sure that the work we produce is plagiarism-free and we also take it through a plagiarism checker before handing it in to the client.

Terms and Conditions

Upon submission of an order and subsequent payment of the charge accrued for the order by the client from us, we cannot emphasize enough that the product shall only be used for personal use and shall not be traded for any sort of gain.

These written materials are all sourced from freelance writers that upon submission to are wholly owned by The rights of ownership of these materials shall not be transferred to the client and shall not be infringed upon at any point without generating consequences that we shall deem fit at the moment we find out the infringement. Suitable penalties shall be meted out on a case by case basis.

We advise our clients to read our terms and conditions keenly so that they are aware of their rights and obligations in the durations that they are using the services that provides.

100% quality guarantee assured 100% Plagiarism free papers assured

What to Expect

  • Timely turnaround on orders
  • Plagiarism-free papers
  • Outstanding quality on all assignments
  • Skilled and experienced writers
  • Fair pricing of all orders
  • Capacity to deliver on urgent orders
  • Consistent and reliable services